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Back when the owners of Three Pillows created their site in 2001 they had no idea that it would become the iconic site that it has. They knew that as many as one in eight Internet surfers where bisexual or at least bicurious, and they knew that no site featured major quantities of quality bisexual porn, but they didn't know that Three Pillows would become the phenomenon which it has.

Since Three Pillows was launched there's been a number of copycats, but none deliver as Three Pillows does. So what sets Three Pillows apart? Well for starters, Three Pillows is owned and operated by bisexuals (not some nameless, faceless corporation). The Three Pillows Members' Area is hand crafted and stand alone (ie it's not database driven nor is it a part of a mega members area). Three Pillows offers tasteful erotica; pictures, movies, stories and more (the key word here is tasteful). In a nutshell, Three Pillows knows what you want and delivers!

Three Pillows is popular with men, women and couples alike. Three Pillows is a real community with chat rooms, a dating service, and an amount of user created content. Also the environment is one of complete respect, there's no biatches, hoes or sluts inside, just bisexual guys and their ladyfriends doing what bisexual guys and their ladyfriends do. So ladies, if you and your partner enjoy bisexual threesomes (or if you've ever fantasized about getting it on with two guys that lust after each other as much as they do you) then get yourself a membership and enjoy the ride ;o)

I've been promoting Three Pillows for a long time now and I've never seen a site that is as popular with surfers, nor one that retains members as long as it does (33 months is my record, but several other members have stayed for in excess of 18 months). This tells me one thing, Three Pillows is on the money; they give you exactly what you're looking for in a climate of community and respect.

Finally a note about privacy... your privacy. The owners of Three Pillows never contact their members. For any reason! So if it's a secret, it will stay a secret! Please Note: Three Pillows will need to send you a confirmation email when you join, but never again unless you need them to.

I could (actually I think I have) write an essay about Three Pillows. Click below to check out their free preview area. The Three Pillows tour is understated but gives a very good idea of what you'll find inside (and believe me, they under-sell and over-deliver).

Go On, If You've Read All This Reward Yourself With The Finest Bisexual Erotica On The Internet At Three Pillows!

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